Strictly as a guide - let's face it, writing an ad or an article for a local grocer should take less time than one extolling the virtues of the Large Hadron Collider - but projects usually fall within the ballpark figues below.

Radio ad production (simple, single voice) from 125.00
RealAd (we come to you and record you or your staff) from 140.00
Additional voices @30.00
Generic production music from 30
Simple sound effects from 10

All commercials have a licence for 12 months unlimited use in the Isle of Man on any station from date of first spot.

Studio hire (with engineer/producer) 75.00 per hour

Scriptwriting from 60 per hour (min 15 mins) depending on complexity

Budget video shooting and editing (HD DV) single crew 75.00 per hour

Budget online video (YouTube etc) from 200

'Film' style shoot using Canon 5D or equivalent on request

Broadcast HD shoot, crew and edit on request

Digital projects can be mastered to CD/DVD/USB stick or emailed (subject to file size)