New media business opens

Manx Multimedia opened for business on 1st April 2012 with a contract to produce a weekday 2-hour phone-in programme for Manx Radio - Talking Heads features a main daily topic between 1200-1300 and then two further items from around 1315-1400.

New audio suite

Our new production studio is fully functional in the heart of Douglas with ProTools 10.3 software (due for upgrade to PT12/64bit), Focusrite Scarlett pre-amps, Mackie MCU Pro 'flying fader' control surface, Alesis Quadraverb MIDI keyboard, Mackie 'Big Knob' studio command system, custom Tannoy Berkeley monitors and an Ultragraph graphic room equaliser. There's a small collection of large-diaphragm valve and condenser microphones and 'real' musical instruments for jingle/soundtrack production. We also have access to ISDN links, which means that we can feed the world (eat your heart out Bob Geldof) and allow us to record live in real-time (with talkback) from any ISDN studio facility or growing number of similarly-equipped voice-over artists. You want authentic New Jersey? We know a wiseguy near Trenton...

Local voices

We're hoping that an increasing number of Manx radio advertisers will opt to keep money in the local economy by employing Isle of Man voices, recorded in a Douglas studio! We've recorded audition scripts with over a dozen local artists, a mix of male and females of all ages. If you want a good old 'yessir' or prefer RP (received pronunciation), we can play you plenty of samples.