Voices wanted!
One of the complaints often made about radio advertising in the Isle of Man is that the voice artists used aren't usually local. We'd like to change that - and whenever possible use Manx voices for Manx advertisers!
Manx Multimedia is committed to providing a chance for anyone who has a good voice to make a short demo at our studio in Douglas. If the client likes it, you'll make a few quid (less a modest fee for MM) and we'll all get to hear more Manx voices on the Isle of Man's airwaves!

Just get in touch via email or call us on the phone for a chat.

  • Neutral
    What the BBC calls 'RP' (received pronunciation) - male or female, young or old, there's always a demand for 'standard' voices!

  • Manx
    You don't have to speak the Gaelg, but an identifiable local accent is a joy to the ears. There are lots of varieties too - from the Scouse-ish Douglas Butty to the more rural Yessir. Anyone with a bit of speaking experience is welcome to apply.

  • Character
    Can you do great impressions or cartoon voices? Have leanings towards being a bit Thespian? There are no guarantees in this business, except that we'll let clients hear you and decide for themselves. And since we don't charge a registration or demo fee, you've got nothing to lose but a little spare time.

    Performing well as a narrator/voice-over isn't as easy as it sounds. That's why the top names are in such demand. But if you can read well, take a bit of gentle direction and can cope with rejection without rolling into a foetal ball, this could be a fun (even lucrative) little adventure for you!